How do I request a payment plan?

If you enter a no contest or guilty plea, and would like to request additional time to pay your citation in full, you may request a monthly payment plan, in most cases. If you choose to request a payment plan, you must complete the application in full, and submit it with your plea and request. Any request for action on a case must be made in writing or in person, and must include an original signature and photo identification. The request can be submitted in person at the Lakeway Municipal Court, by email at Please note that if you request a payment plan, pursuant to the Local Government Code, Sec. 133.103, an additional $15.00 will be assessed on each violation, unless you pay the entire balance in full within 30-days from the date of judgment.
Click here for the application, and it can also be located with the other court documents found on this website. This is a lengthy application, so it may benefit you to complete it prior to your appearance date. Please contact the court with any questions.

Payment Plan Application

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