Be a City Volunteer and Help Make a Difference !

The city of Lakeway welcomes volunteers to get involved in activities that enhance our community. Volunteers keep the community strong by sharing their time, talents, and resources while also helping to keep our taxes low. We appreciate your interest in volunteering with the city, and we hope that you find an opportunity that fits your schedule and fulfills yours interests.

Committee & Board Volunteer Opportunities

City Charter Requirements:

Section 7.02                Qualifications and Term of Office


In addition to any qualifications prescribed by law, each appointee to City boards and commissions shall:


(a)        Be a registered voter of the City;


(b)        Be a resident of the City and shall have resided for at least twelve consecutive months preceding his appointment within the incorporated limits of the City prior to his appointment.

Current Opportunities:

One vacancy for an alternate member on the Arts Committee.

One vacancy for an alternate member of the Zoning and Planning Commission (ZAPCO).

City Hall Volunteers (front desk)

IF you're interested in a volunteer opportunity, please fill out our volunteer form.

For further assistance with the application process or to receive help finding your ideal volunteer position, please contact :

Mary Martinez                                                                                                                                Phone: (512) 314-7500