Solid Waste Management

Customers are allowed up to 8 bags of trash per pick-up, and any branches need to be cut in 3X3 bundles for pick-up purposes. Questions? Email: 

What Well Pick Up Graphic 2023

Solid Waste email:

An extra recycling cart can be delivered for $7 per month. This can help you with your extra cardboard during the holidays! If you don’t have room for an extra cart in your garage, you can put it in your side yard behind a fence, so it is screened from view.

To guarantee that 100% of your boxes are recycled, they will need to be inside your blue recycling cart. You can have up to 20 flattened medium boxes outside of your recycling cart, however, they may be picked up by recycling OR trash. 

An informative graphic stating to flatten boxes before putting them in your recycling cart.