City Secretary's Office

The City Secretary's Office aims to serve the citizens of Lakeway by assisting, promoting, and enhancing the governmental process of this municipality by:

  • Supporting the City Council and the City Administration in fulfilling their official duties;
  • Providing public access to municipal records and other information;
  • Serving as chief officer of municipal elections;
  • Recording all legislative actions of the City Council;
  • Archiving and preserving all government documents of the City.

The City Secretary's responsibilities include:

  • Arranging all City Council meetings by preparing and posting the audio records of all proceedings;
  • Fulfilling Open Records Requests made to the City's administration department;
  • Overseeing the records management of City departments; 
  • Acting as the City's chief election officer for the administration of all City elections in collaboration with Travis County and in compliance with the requirements of state election laws;
  • Serving as custodian of the City corporate seal and attesting the Mayor's signature on all official documents;
  • Countersigning all commissions issued to municipal officers and all agreements, licenses, and contracts issued by the Mayor or City Manager;
  • Coordinating the codification of City ordinances into the City's Code of Ordinances;
  • Distributing recent annexation information including ordinances, maps, zoning, service plans, and address lists to all entities having associations with the City;
  • Posting all legal notices required by state law and publishing all legal ads for adopted ordinances and notices of elections;
  • Working cooperatively with the Board of Ethics to carry out all duties as outlined in the City's Code of Ethics, by preparing meeting agendas and minutes and distributing and collecting sworn affidavits and statements of representation for all City elected and appointed officials, prospective candidates, and employees.
  • Certifying TABC alcoholic beverage license applications for businesses within the City and pyrotechnic display permits for events in the City.

The City Secretary is an officer of the City, appointed by the City Manager and approved by City Council; this is a statutory position required by State Law and the City Charter