E-Bike Ordinance


The City of Lakeway values our beautiful outdoor spaces, and wants to continue to make our parks, trails and greenbelts a safe experience for our community. That includes our many trails, which are frequented by hikers, joggers and bicyclists. However, with the increased use of various electric vehicles, it was determined there needed to be some clear guidelines for what can and cannot be used in our parks, trails and greenbelts. In July 2023, Lakeway City Council voted to make some changes to our ordinance related to the public ways and spaces in our parks by further defining what is and is not allowed in these spaces. While bicycles, pedal-assisted electric bicycles and electronic personal assistive mobility devices are APPROVED for use, others are PROHIBITED, including: electric motor bikes, electric scooters, gas/electric motorcycles, pocket bikes, mini motorcycles, neighborhood electric vehicles, off-highway vehicles and of course motor vehicles and trailers. Below you will find a list of what is approved and prohibited in our parks, along with a link to our updated ordinance with more detail. If you notice someone using an unauthorized device, please contact the Lakeway Police Department at (512) 261-2800. Thank you for helping make our greenspaces a safe and inviting place for everyone!  

CLICK HERE to read the full ordinance.