620 Widening Project

620 widening mapThe RR 620 expansion is part of a larger TxDOT project to expand almost 19 miles of the road from SH 71 in the south to US 183 in the north.  The project will take the road from its current four lanes with a continuous center turn lane to 6 lanes with a raised median and intermittent turn bays.   Additional right turn and left turn lanes will be provided at some intersections, and a shared-use path will be provided on both sides of the road.

Construction of the TxDOT road expansion project is expected to commence no earlier than the winter of 2025, and to last for 18 months.   

TxDOT is understandably focusing on the engineering aspects of the project as a regional transportation corridor.   The City of Lakeway is currently conducting a complementary study to take a broader view of the project’s transportation, economic, and social impacts with a particular emphasis on the City.   The expected work product is a RR 620 Overlay Zoning District to mitigate the negative impacts and manage the positive impacts of the road expansion.         

The City’s goal is to have the RR 620 Overlay Zoning District complete in the late summer of 2024, before the TxDOT construction starts.  

620 currentCurrent Configuration: Four 12’ travel lanes and a 14’ continuous center turn lane.  Total width 62’.  

620 futureFuture Configuration: Six 12’ travel lanes and a 14’ raised median with intermittent turn bays. Total width 86’.

620 Project Intro

Corridor Inventory and Anticipated Impacts

Appendix A Sites with Major Impacts

Appendix B Summary of All Impacts by Site

Appendix C Types of Monuments and Building Signs

Appendix D Sites with Master Sign Packages

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