Lakeway's 60th Anniversary

Blue Lakeway logo with retro design for 60th anniversaryThe Lakeway Heritage Committee invites you to join us in celebrating the 60th Anniversary for the City of Lakeway! While Lakeway itself was incorporated in 1974, we celebrate the beginning of our community on July 12, 1963 when the ribbon was cut at what was then called the Lakeway Inn at the end of Lakeway Drive. Now, it's known as the popular Lakeway Resort and Spa.

The heritage committee's work is to gather and share stories, photos and artifacts, helping create a sense of pride in the heritage and development of our unique community. The committee strives to reach all ages with various annual events, including the popular Heritage Trail Tours and regular special community presentations telling the stories of the early days of the Lake Travis area all the way up to recent City of Lakeway Fourth of July parades. If you'd like to connect with members of the Lakeway Heritage Committee or attend one of their upcoming meetings, email:

If you're interested in reading more about the history of Lakeway, please check out the documents available at The Portal to Texas HistoryThis online archive contains a wealth of historical information, including photographs, letters and newspaper articles. The portal offers a fascinating glimpse into the City's past. Whether you're a resident, historian, student or just someone who loves learning about local history, you're sure to find something of interest on this website. Take a look today and see what you can discover about the fun and fascinating history of Lakeway!

We invite you to celebrate Lakeway's diamond anniversary this year by attending our upcoming 2023 events, especially the upcoming Fourth of July parade with the theme '63 and Free. CLICK HERE to learn more about the parade and Fourth of July festivities. Still have questions? Please email us at 


Enjoy these pictures and articles from Lakeway's past!

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