City Hall Art Gallery

The Lakeway Arts Committee is proud to display some area artists at Lakeway City Hall for the public to see when they visit the facility. If you are a local artist and would like to be featured at City Hall, please CLICK HERE to fill out a short online form. If you’re interested in learning more or if you have any other questions, please email

Currently on Display (January 2, 2024): Artist Gail Threinen, Chinese Brush Artist and Calligrapher

Artist Gail Threinen sitting at a table painting a pink flower with a large brush.

Gail has always worked in the arts including music, theatre and painting. While earning her degree in Direction for the Theatre, she did her costume, set and lighting design renderings in traditional watercolor. But it was her family's five-year experience living in Singapore and Shanghai, China where she fell in love with the Asian style of watercolor painting and the art of Chinese Calligraphy. When returning to St. Paul, Minnesota, Gail was selected to be a docent at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts specializing in the China galleries where she received intensive training in Chinese art history and had access to close-up study of their extensive collection of Chinese calligraphy, bird and flower paintings and landscapes.

Gail has been practicing and studying Chinese painting and calligraphy now for nearly 20 years. She studied Chinese calligraphy on a weekly basis with master calligrapher, Stephen Zhenpu Mao. She also studied weekly over many years with master painter, YuDong Shen. Gail enjoys this ancient style of brushwork because it is deep in history and symbolism. Unlike traditional western style painting, it is meant to capture the spirit of the subject rather than its photographic reality. The ink and paper is unforgiving and cannot be retouched once the brush is stroked on the paper. Yet, many happy surprises come of that water-ink-brush-paper interaction.

Gail is a member of the Sumi-e Society of America and has exhibited for several years, as well as won awards, in their annual juried exhibitions and her work can be seen on their website.