Golf Cart Use

In October 2022, Lakeway City Council approved (6-1) an update to the Code of Ordinances pertaining to the Operation of Golf Carts on Public Streets. The updated ordinance took effect on January 1, 2023. 

What will you need to do to prepare?

  • INSURANCE: Check with your insurance company to see about adding a policy that covers your golf cart. 

  • LICENSE PLATE: Fill out the top portion of Form 130-U (sections 1-19) from the Texas DMV website (CLICK HERE), print it out and bring it with you to the Travis County Tax Office located at 8110 N FM 620 just north of 2222 on RM 620 (which typically has no lines). Be sure to include your golf cart's Vehicle Identification Number on the form, and bring a photo ID along with form of payment (fee total is closer to $15 and no renewal is necessary if you maintain ownership).  

  • SLOW MOVING EMBLEM: Be sure to obtain a slow-moving emblem and make sure it's clearly visible from the base at the rear of the vehicle (you can probably add your license plate to the base of the emblem). 

  • SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Be sure your golf cart is equipped with headlamps, tail lamps, reflectors, a parking brake and rearview mirrors.



  • Must be operated by a licensed driver. 

  • Must be operated on public streets with a posted speed limit of no more than 35 mph.

  • Golf carts can cross a street or intersection (including intersections with streets with a posted speed limit exceeding 35 mph).

  • Can operate on a recreational lane or path with restrictions (SEE GOLF CART RESTRICTIONS). 

  • Can operate in designated locations associated with a city-sponsored event. 

  • Operators must follow all rules of the road as required by the Texas Transportation Code (SEE REFERENCES). 

  • Golf cart must carry liability insurance in the amounts required for motor vehicles. 

  • Golf cart must be equipped with a slow-moving vehicle emblem with a reflective surface clearly visible from the base at the rear of the vehicle. 

  • Golf cart must have HEADLAMPS, TAIL LAMPS, REFLECTORS, A PARKING BRAKE & REARVIEW MIRRORS per Section 551.4041 of the Texas Transportation Code.

  • Golf cart must display a license plate (which does not expire) from the Travis County Tax Office, as outlined by Sec. 551.402 of the Texas Transportation Code.

  • Golf carts must move right and yield the right-of-way to faster moving vehicles. 

  • Golf carts must remain in the outside lane of multi-lane streets (unless turning left). 

  • Occupants must remain seated in a seat designed to hold passengers while golf cart is in motion.

GOLF CART RESTRICTIONS:Golf Cart Prohibited Streets

  • Golf cart operations prohibited at night (about 20-30 minutes after sunset or before sunrise). 

  • Golf cart operations prohibited on roads with a posted speed limit over 35 mph, as well as the following Lakeway streets:

  • Lakeway Drive (between Lakeway Boulevard & Cross Creek)
  • Lohmans Spur (between RM 620 & Lohmans Crossing Road)
  • Serene Hills Drive 
  • Bee Creek Road 
  • Flint Rock Road
  • SH 71 (including the right-of-way)
  • RM 620 (including the right-of-way)
  • Golf carts prohibited from operating on sidewalks and shared-use paths under eight (8) feet in width. 

  • Golf carts prohibited from pulling trailers, boats or other objects or people. 

  • Golf carts shall not carry more passengers than for which the golf cart was designed. 

  • No person may ride in the lap of the driver or any other occupant during operations.


Violation of the ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction may be fined up to $500.


Lakeway Code of Ordinances (Golf Cart Use on Public Streets)
Texas Transportation Code CHAPTER 551

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