Driving in Deer Country

DRIVE AT OR BELOW THE SPEED LIMIT.  This protects everyone, humans and wildlife.

•  Equip your vehicle with deer whistles.  These simple and inexpensive devices adhere to the front of a car or truck, one on each side; during travel, incoming air makes a whistling sound that alerts wildlife.  They are available at auto stores and on Amazon. (In the interests of full disclosure, the Humane Society Guide linked here states deer whistles are not proven to work.  But, many Lakeway residents swear by them.)

•  Be particularly aware of deer in the mornings and evenings, when deer tend to be on the move.  

•  At night, use high-beams to see further ahead.  Watch for the shining eyes of deer.

•  Watch the sides of the road, especially where there are shrubs or tall grass.

•  If you see one deer in or near the road, know that more deer are in the area.

•  Don’t veer if you see a deer. Drive straight, brake, and use the horn.  

•  Watch for erratic fawns straggling behind adults in spring and summer.

•  Watch for amorous adult deer in the fall.