Lakeway Photo Festival

The  City of Lakeway Arts Committee is proud to announce the winners of the 20th Annual Lakeway Photo Festival for 2022! There were 103 beautiful photographs entered from 36 talented local Lakeway photographers. We are pleased to say that over 94% of the entries were entered digitally! The categories for submission were Artistic, Community, Foodie, Nature, Pets and Wildlife.  Congratulations to all the winners!

To view honorable mentions and read more information about the Lakeway Photo Festival,
visit the Lakeway Arts page.

2022 Photo Festival Winners

Artistic Category: William Hawkins, The Mushroom House

Community Category: Joseph Stallone, Early Morning Ski Trip on Lake Travis 

Foodie Category: Lane Dent, Baked with Care


Nature Category: Ryan Korsgard, Lake Daze 

Pets Category: Alyson Stringer, Like Honey Against the Gray

Wildlife Category: Randall Davis, Coyote 

2021 Photo Festival Winners

Nature Category: Bill Galloway, Fall Along Hamilton Creek

Nature Category Honorable Mention: Bill Galloway, Lakeway Pioneer WinterNature-HonorableMention-1024x731

Wildlife Category: Keith Everill, Female Ruby Throated HummingbirdWildlife-Winner-1024x731

Wildlife Category Honorable Mention: Bill Galloway, Egret TakeoffWildlife-HonorableMention

Artistic Category: Randall Davis, Fishing in the FogArtistic-Winner-1024x683

Artistic Category Honorable Mention: Randall Davis, Malabar OverlookArtistic-HonorableMention-1024x683

Community Category: Joe Bain, Lakeway SnowCommunity-Winner-1024x682

Community Category Honorable Mention: Gayle Leonard, Chalk Your Walk Artist

Student Category: Chloe Storm, Explosion of ColorStudent-Winner

Student Category Honorable Mention: Aanchal Narayan, A Glimpse of HoliStudent-HonorableMention-1024x683

2019 Photo Festival Winners

Grand Prize: Joe Bain, Hurst CreekHurst Creel - cr

Nature Category: Bill Galloway, Meditation Bench by City Park Wildflower MeadowBill Galloway's photo of a bench in the middle of a field of wildflowers by the lake.

Youth Category: Halle Gray, Kayaking on the LakeCity Park Kayaking