Code of Ethics Requirements

Which Businesses Are Subject to the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics requires any vendor or contractor with a financial interest in the City to uphold the City's ethical standards as outlined in the Code of Ethics.

When Is a Vendor Required to Submit a Mandatory Disclosure?

(Section ­­­2.04.8 of the Code of Ethics)
As part of the City's application process, a person seeking to be elected or appointed as an Official, or hired as an Employee, must disclose any dealings with the City within the last two (2) years (24 months) as a Vendor.  Disclosure must be made under oath and on a form provided by the City Secretary. 

Code of Ethics Provisions

(Section 2.04.061 of the Code of Ethics)
The Code of Ethics provides that it is a violation of the Code for a Vendor or Applicant to give any gift or favor to any Official or Employee that might reasonably tend to influence the Official in the discharge of official duties, or yield an improper favor, service, or thing of value. This prohibition does not apply to: items cumulatively valued at fifty dollars ($50) or less per calendar year; honorary items such as plaques, trophies, ribbons, and floral arrangements; entertainment in the form of food, beverages, travel or spectator events at which the donor is a guest accompanying the Official or Employee cumulatively valued at fifty dollars ($50) or less per calendar year.                   

Applicant.   Any person seeking approval of a permit, variance, or other form of approval or municipal authorization from the City.

Financial Interest.  An economic interest in the form of ownership of stock, ownership of real property, employment relationship, independent contract relationship, party status in a judicial proceeding, or party status in an administrative law proceeding. This interest is shared among relatives within the 1st Degree by consanguinity (blood or adoption) and affinity (marriage).

Official.  A Commissioner, Councilmember, Employee, or Volunteer.

Vendor.  Any person having, or seeking the approval or extension of, an agreement, contact or work order to provide goods or services to the City.

Employment of All City Employees and Volunteers

(Section 2.04.033 & 2.04.034 of the Code of Ethics)
The Code of Ethics states that it is incompatible for an Employee to accept concurrent employment with a Vendor. Also, it is a violation of the Code for an Employee to, within one (1) year of leaving the City’s employment, accept employment or engage in consulting as a contractor representing any person before the City Council, or any Commission in matters related to the particular field of endeavor or area of interest involved in such person’s services to the City. 


Every person appointed, elected, employed (with the exception of seasonal employees), or contracted to serve the City in any office or position, and every person filing for elected office is subject to the Code of Ethics.